Skies, 124

Artist book – Skies is a collection of 124 reflections on the sky over the course of 31 days. 

This stretch of time and the 24 hour cycle inform the book’s dimensions, structure, layout and flow of text. The page height is determined by the hours in a day, in turn positioning each written segment at its respective time. Subtle decisions of alternating typefaces and paper types are used to differentiate between the two voices as well as illustrating the volatile nature of a constantly changing sky. 

The book functions as an in-between calendar and diary. It juxtaposes the two artists’ indirect daily conversations presenting them as a dynamic timeline of observations, poetry and prose. 

Staple binding, loose jacket cover, alternating sized pages and paper stock in white-light grey colour, 80-100 gsm weight. Ruler-bookmark. Hand-assembled. Edition of 25.

Commissioned by and in collaboration with, Holly Pickering and Evan Kelly. Dublin, 2020.